Worldwide demand for learning Mandarin Chinese has grown tremendously over the recent decade due to the increasingly interdependent economic relationship between US and China. As the largest Chinese language and culture education entity in downtown Chicago, Chicago Mandarin Chinese Center strongly recommends to you our proprietary "5-in-1" Learn Chinese 6.0 software.   

Chicago Mandarin Chinese Center strongly recommends to you the "5-learning-modules-in-1", a leading e-Learning software enabling you to systematically master Mandarin Chinese language in an English-Chinese bilingual learning environment. This software is purposely designed to help beginners and medium-level learners gain an important mandarin Chinese skill-set which is needed for a rapidly rising world economy. Without having to pay for costly classroom courses or personal tutors, the software integrates 5 different learning modules in one package and teaches you with modern audio and visual effects how to pronounce, read, speak and most importantly write Chinese language in the comforts of your own home on your time schedule for a fraction of the cost. "5-learning-modules-in-1" embodies a collective wisdom of a dedicated group of Chinese software and linguistic experts. Key features of the learning software are as follows: 

■ English-Chinese double language Dictionary includes over 12,000 Chinese words and phrases 
■ Over 3,500 most popularly used Chinese characters writing demo (You can use your mouse to imitate how to write) -1,300 Chinese Pinyin (initials, Finals, and Syllable) 
■ 66 lessons and 95 scene dialogues -Text To Speech available in both simplified and traditional Chinese (You would love this feature!) 
■ Examination module allows you to self-test your Chinese proficiency 

"5-in-1" Learn Chinese 6.0 integrates five learning modules in one CD ROM and since its debut in the market in 2003,  it has benefited thousands of executives, professionals, students, researchers, and schools in their pursuit of learning Mandarin Chinese. The software allows users to learn Mandarin Chinese on a modular basis and the user-friendly interface, the audio and visual effects and progressive modular design make learning Chinese language no longer a daunting task. 

We cordially recommends "5-in-1" Learn Chinese 6.0 to anyone who desires to master Mandarin Chinese systematically. The software has been extensively used by our clients at our Center and across the word. The five learning modules integrated in one package has been proven a powerful solution for you to learn the language.  

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