"The course materials and the software are really wondeful learning tools and both provide a great resource for additional study. The time spent in class is focused, well paced, and the content of the lessons is very relevant to real situations that one encounters, gives important cultural context, and allows students to gain quick proficiency in basic everyday communications. 

--Brian Whiteley, Chicago, IL

The software is very extensive and relevant to the class studies. It offers me a great learning tool to practice and exercise through my computer on a daily basis.

--Julia Wong, Chicago, IL

"Before I started taking Chinese lessons I was trying to teach myself for several months. I feel that I have learned significantly more in our first 4 lessons than what I did in the months alone. I feel that you are an excellent instructor and have been designing the course very well to fit me. In addition to teaching the language, I really like how you give background information on the language as well as the characters. I am looking forward to future lessons and beginning to implement what I am learning".

--James Baldino, University of Illinois at Chicago

"The best part about the Group Mandarin Chinese Class is that you hit the ground running before you even start your first Beginner Level One class. Andy Zhang makes it a policy to personally meet with you for a free trial lesson. As soon as you arrive, you start working on grammar, pronunciation, and written characters right there on the spot - and this is before you've even signed up for anything. This instant immersion really gives you an idea of Andy's skill as a teacher as well as his commitment to his students. Although the class is designed to give you an intensive introduction into Mandarin Chinese, Andy's patience and sense of humor keeps the environment lively and productive. And as a busy professional, I also appreciate the flexible scheduling that Andy provides to all of his students."

--Stephen Hernan, Chicago, IL

"I always wanted to learn Chinese but was afraid of starting because I heard that it was very hard. After the twelve sessions of the beginning Chinese with Andy Zhang, I am no longer afraid. The class was small and consisted of people who already graduated from college, which I liked. After the classes, I now have quite good knowledge of basic grammar and of how to read pinyin. I also memorized many words and some simple sentences. With the knowledge and confidence gained from Andy's class, I am going to take more formal intensive Chinese class this summer"!

--Boyeon Kang, Chicago, IL

"I was a near-beginner when I started with Kit, having struggled through a handful of sessions searching for a compatible instructor. Making the switch, I quickly found that Kit's strong ability to communicate in English differentiated her lessons from the ineffective ones I had prior to meeting her. I am now at the stage in my studies where I know all basic and intermediate grammar rules."

--Christopher A. Laurence, President and COO

"Thank you so much for the opportunity to study in your group class. I never thought I could learn so much in such a short time. Your class materials are already packed with valuable information and then you add wonderful correlated information that helps make learning Mandarin fun. I always appreciate the way you patiently respond to my questions and give clear explanations and examples. I am looking forward to continuing my studies with you in advanced classes".

--Michelle Cheung, Schaumburg, IL

"I do want to thank you again for your class. It gave me a great start to the language, becoming familiar with tones and more comfortable reading Pinyin. You were also a wonderful resource to have in the anxious weeks before I left for working in Beijing"!

--Ariel Lown Lewiton, Chicago, IL

"My private mandarin lessons with Andy Zhang from Chicago Mandarin Chinese Center have been very helpful. Andy is a very knowledgeable teacher with great personality. I enjoyed a lot learning from him".

--Stanley Chiu, Evenston, IL

"I have found Ms. Fung to be extremely intelligent, energetic, creative and excited about her subject. She really makes me enjoy learning and motivates me to succeed in my studies. Thanks for her instruction, I have made a great deal of progress."

--Stephen B. Frew, Kiesler & Berman, Chicago

"I took Andy's private tutoring lesson in Mandarin Chinese a little bit more than 6 month ago and I have learned lots of new words and daily communications from him. Andy combined his language tutoring with sufficient introduction on Chinese historical background and etiquette. After I finish my wrestling class in this spring, I will continue my Beginner Level III lessons from Andy".

--Mark Jolcover, Buffalo Grove, IL

"Thank you for taking the time to teach me. It was challenging, but fun. There are two things that I would find very useful: (1) more speaking; not just conversation, but to improve pronunciation; and (2) some simple reading and writing “homework” to improve those skills. I will probably want to continue with Level II at a later date. I need some time to fully absorb all the materials from Level I.'

--William W. Leathem, Chicago, IL

"Thank you so much! Your class has been most helpful and I definitely enjoy practicing what I have learned in your class"!

--Nick Cichon, Chicago, IL

"I very much enjoyed Andy's class. You are a very intelligent instructor and were able to answer any question I asked. I especially liked how you were able to explain a lot of cultural ideas that connected to the language. You speak clearly and make the tones very understandable. I also liked your willingness to deviate from the lesson plan if students had specific questions".

--Jon Macha, Chicago

"I am thankful for finding you and your excellent organization this year and starting a great business partnership. You are obviously the best!"

--Linda Chencinski, Deerfield, IL

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